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All people are gentle at first. The problem is they tend to forget.

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Comments (5)

wow I hope your voice acting does well

its seems to be a flooded market here on Newgrounds

but you will do voice acting for Hentai?

I guess it would be easy money for you but I would have ethical and moral issues with that

but I suppose you have already dealt with those issues, or you need the money more than your pride

well I harbor no hard feelings for you, best of luck in all your voice acting careers

1) I voice act for free. Any money is a fringe benefit that I do not expect nor demand.

2) It has nothing to do with "easy money" it has to do with it's fun. I don't voice act for money.

3) For the third time, since you're so hell bent on this passive-aggressive attempt at calling me a prostitute, I do not need money more than my pride because there is no money.

I would voice act in an adult project for free or for pay, it's not about the money. It's about that it's fun and I take pride in that. I take pride in my work and I take pride in the finished project.

Sex is fun, sex is great, sex is human nature and I'm proud as hell to say it.

K, sent u a PM ;)

Was sad to hear about your compy troubles. Welcome back, and I hope you're enjoying your new one!

hey whats up how are oyu.

I'll keep this in mind ... I'm getting to the point where I could use vocals in my music. Not singing, just maybe yelling or talking ... I dunno.
Most of the hardcore music I listen to has some kind of yelling/swearing in it; I think it's mostly taken out of movies but there have been a few times where people have used VAs. (The example I'm thinking of is called Endymion - Abduction.)

I'll let you know if I could use anything.