Computer Issues

2009-09-06 20:53:02 by Nakoruru

Long story short; things die and my computer has bit the dust.

I have to get a new computer and that will take a lil time.

I'll be off line for at LEAST a week if things go well and up to three weeks if things don't.

To anyone I owe lines to, I'm going to need more time so please don't rush to replace me.

To anyone who recently cast me in something, I'm also going to need more time. Also, I won't be on line to confirm so just auto-confirm me for now if you could.

To the people I chat with, sorry, I won't be around. Unless you know my number I'll be unreachable.

I'm on my sister's computer at the moment and am going to try to do a lil bit of recording but it's noisy here so meh...but at least I was able to come on and drop this message.

So yeah, please don't spam my e-mail box or my PM box; I can't do anything until I get a new PC.


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2009-09-09 13:12:38

oh my im sorry,
hope you can get a new computer soon


2009-09-16 00:57:08

You have my full support and understanding. This is why I check people's news posts instead of just hitting their inbox.

I can wait on Eliza's lines. I gave extensions to two other actors as well, so please, get this taken care of and then we can worry about the lines. Luckily, I still have fights to get taken care of.


2009-10-20 18:35:28

lol computer fail XD