Entry #11

Do you still record?

2011-10-14 03:41:13 by Nakoruru

Yes and no. I got really into voice acting and then fell really out of it. I got tired of joining projects that went nowhere and such. Also, personal life just hasn't been the way I wanted it go. I've been spending a lot of time trying to find a real job and I also don't have the privacy at home to spend hours recording.

However, I do record for friends if they ask. I also may join in on new projects if they're just...amazing. And, as always, I have a soft spot for adult projects so I usually love doing those.

So pretty much...still here, but not here. Am I recording anything now? Just a few things for friends, have more Umi-chan to do and hoping to add maybe one or two more adult projects under my belt.

So yeah, I'm taking things very slow and casual. But still send any love my way. :)


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2012-01-12 18:25:29

I heard your voice acting in Futara Gets Busted. I must say you did a very sexy job there.


2013-07-21 09:36:31

Another question, do you still come here?