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This sure did take up a lot of my time

This was fun, I'm a sucker for these types of games. I think I got up to the Legend ending and finally called it quits.

Pros? It was fun! Highly addictive as you try to figure out the right formula to getting rich and famous within 300 days. Plus, the goals add another level of work to do. Plus, there are a few secret girls as well.

Cons? The hentai. Pics were censored, no gallery mode and really...the game was fun enough without them.

Decent and fun

I happen to like these types of games and unlike a lot of the more popular ones *coughDinerDash* this was free to play.

Downside? Repetitive after a while, candle making moves too slowly as well. It's hard to handle 10+ people when you can only make one candle at a time at a snail's pace. I didn't get all the add ons but I still got through the year. Some new, unique features would help as well as a way to make more candles at a time or at least make them faster, I dunno.


It took me a moment to figure out the best way to handle the game. It tells you to utilize cities but really, I found, the best way was to just scavenge and use the cities to make my bag bigger. After I adopted that method it became easy.

Some of the mini-games are rather unforgiving when it comes to timing and everything speeds up towards the end, however it's not that bad.

Cons? Gets a little repetitive, could use some secret content, etc.

finefin responds:

I hope the sponsor is willing to let me continue this project. there's a bunch of stuff I want to add, like random events, police&jail, more minigames and so on.

More of the same but...

Good graphics, amusing lil plot. I think it would have been even better if the husband walked in and they both went at her.

Also kudos for all the interesting ways to rub her boobs. To me, nothing is better than over the shirt or bra so I was happy to see that there.

Cons? Same moans over and over again. And really...why would she be moaning while tit fucking? That action is mainly for the men, not all that hot for a chick in my opinion. Also, the big boobs thing. What about guys who aren't into gigantic tits? I mean...they're hot but you make a lot of games, add some variety. Smaller boobs, girls of different races, girls with glasses, guys of different races; something! Something so that all the games aren't the same.

Fun but not perfect

I give kudos for good graphics and having a theme I don't often see here (ie BDSM) so yeah, it was fun in that respect.

However the actual concept is far fetched. Most BDSM clubs do not allow sex like that. Plus, where he went seemed more like a dungeon rather than a club...and dungeons certainly don't allow sex. (Not saying it doesn't happen but it's not the norm in clubs and for dungeons they could get shut down for prostitution)

But other than that, it was good. The only part that seemed realistic in a BDSM sense was when you spanked her breasts and nipples though. Spanking someone's arms and legs isn't all that erotic in my eyes. Neither is using jumper shocks on them. A violet wand, yes.

The milking machine bit was cool. It's not my fetish but it was amusing none the less. The fuck machine was also amusing. But of course the grand finale was the icing on the cake. (all pun intended) The graphics used for the sex scenes were pretty nifty.

Dialog was cheesy and the moaning got repetitive. C'mon! Get some VAs to do the moaning, I'm sure there are gals out there who will do it. *hinthint*

Awesome City

Only thing that could have made it better would be voice acting and/or sound effects...and actual animation.

But overall, it was hella twisted and amusing. XD

lutelian responds:

unfortunately I barely have the time for a comic, let alone animation. I wouldnt know where to begin, and im not skilled enough to justify an animation....plus. no idea where to even start to do sounds and I doubt any of my friends would rly wanna voice act for this :P

but thank you for the input, i would loev to do these as an actual animation style, not comic some day

It really doesn't matter what your gender is

This game is pointless. There is no point and the actual "game" takes less than three minutes. You pick a model in the beginning but it really means nothing, just affects the color of her hands. You paint the nails, add little do dads and....that's it. Nothing else. No plot, no purpose, no point.

To say this is made "exclusively for girls" is an insult. Sorry but this isn't what I want from a game. Even the most girly of Barbie games have some sort of content.

Fun but...

I didn't get farther than the second boss so my review is limited but...

From what I played, it was fun. However the main issue was the boss difficulty. Compared to the cake walk the rest of the level is the boss is WAY too hard. And you can't even block!

Also, a bit more variety. Perhaps some hidden areas, puzzles to solve. Variety in magic. I got to level 9 but the dragon fire spells were all the same except they went up in power. How about different effects. Stun, burn or even a spell that goes off in multiple directions. Something to actually make a difference in picking which spell to use aside from strength.

Overall, it was fun but of course could do with improvement.


Well that wasn't what I was expecting at all! Such a simple concept and simple graphics yet it's not simple at all. Sort of repetitive but hey, it's still amusing.


This was a fun way to kill time. It took a while to figure out the fine tuning (like you only have a certain amount of item slots so work on getting recipe weapons) but after that it was rather easy. Only thing, when I killed the enemy's spawning spot they kept spawning! Odd. Also, more variety would be nice.

And why can a mage use a sword? Hehe Also, I found it odd I could buy stuff at enemy shops. Overall though, it was fun.

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