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The only thing funny is how bad the game is. Congrats, you ripped of Meet 'N Fuck, a game that already rips off other things and instead of IMPROVING you made it worse.

It's not funny. Story? What story? Despite the fact that MnF games use stolen art it's one saving grace is the cheesy text; you couldn't even do that right! And the picture you used was CENSORED! And the hand, as mentioned, looks like it's up in the air. The penis is drawn horribly and it's just...not pretty or funny or even fun.

And what was with the audio? The same ripped porn SFX, why would you have a guy moaning in it when he's touching her arm?! Not to mention the moaning sounds don't match the look of the girl.

Put a little more effort next time.

Cute but simple.

Yet another dress up and like most of them, it adds nothing new. So I didn't expect much going in and I didn't get much.

However, the art was pretty so that was nice. But no music, nothing new and unique. Just the same as the others.

A big issue was the size. It was hard to see certain things, like the tiaras and jewelry. They were small and their colors blended into the pastel closet.

Overall, it was amusing for a little bit. However, ups for making the clothes auto-click to the body. I like that feature.

Great game but...

But it needed more. As stated, a way to save would be nice. But first, thanks for this game actually being free! I like games like this a lot but usually the good ones you have to buy. It was nice to play this on NG for a while and enjoy it.

However, it could use some secret content, secret guests, more upgrades, play longer. It got to the point where I was looking for more things. Like maybe a maid service or something interesting. It was just missing an extra umph.

But overall I liked it a lot. It was fun. =)

Agh, not this again...

1) Stolen from a Japanese game.
2) Because it's from a Japanese game it's censored and censorship is bad.
3) Again, no sound at all.

Please just go back to the Meet 'N Fuck games. Those are funny, uncensored, have sound (albeit bad moans) AND you can at least control things more. These "Subway Fuckers" is basically akin to watching porn except porn is uncensored. It's barely a game.


I'm sorry but, the lack of sound is a HUGE issue. There is no BGM, no SXF and worst of all the girl isn't even heard! You could have found VAs to dub this over!

Seeing as the penis censored, I'm asuming you got this footage from a 3D Japanese hentai game, added in the usual Meet N' Fuck game play and uploaded it. Perhaps I'm wrong but usually the MNF games are totally uncensored.

6/10 - Two points off for have no NO sound whatsoever and two points off for the censorship.


Alright so I'm a fan of Ben 10 which is why I played this game and it was a huge disappointment.

First, perhaps a bit more research would help. You're playing as Ben from Alien Force yet when you click to play it shows a picture of young Gwen. Granted, Kevin is a bad guy but in the second series he's on their side so there seems to be a bit of a continuity error there.

But people who haven't seen show probably won't notice care. However, there isn't any good game play to back it up. Ben shoots stuff? With what? Ben's power is to change into different aliens. I know that may be too advanced for a simple flash game but given the ability he has to shift it could have opened up a TON of game play options. However, it's just jump and shoot. Enemies are few and far between and show little variety. Granted, I stopped playing at the second level but that's because I got BORED!

I played this hoping to see some alien shifting but kicking action but I just got a mediocre platformer.

Great game!

But it's not worth $20. There are a LOT of games like this and even when those are only like $10 at most.

The graphics were good, the upgrades were useful and the game was fast paced fun but in the end...it's just a demo. I was able to unlock some fun stuff with just the demo, though it makes me hope that people that pay get more unlockable content.

But yeah, this game is not special. These types of games are very common. However, it was still fun to play and I wish it wasn't just a demo.

Fun game

I liked this game, however, when I got to Summer it glitched and I couldn't continue to play. I'm not sure if it was me or the game. :(

Other than it was fun, I like these types of games. However, as someone mentioned, the little items you get as you "level up" don't seem to have any baring on the game besides making things look pretty. They don't seem to give any bonuses. I'm not even sure going on the outings give a bonus either.

Also, it was a bit hard to figure out how all the moods go. Certain pairings bring more love? Certain pairings bring more happiness?

But it was fun despite those things. AND it was free!


Why do people make "girl" games so horrible? Oh yes, girls LOVE flirting with random men. Because girls love girlie crap like that. This game isn't for girls, it's an insult to them more like it.

And even if the target user is a younger girl, I would never want my kid (if I had any) playing this sort of game that promotes such BS.

Now, it could be fun if there was more to do. Like if you could play an all out bitch. Steal guys from their gfs, have cat fights and other evil stuff. But just running around and clicking a dude isn't much gameplay at all.

Sure ain't a job for Scobby-Doo

Kudos for having more than one character this time. Also, props for having a plot.

Cons? Wish I could have turned the sound off. Also, same ole porn moans.

However, this is perhaps my favorite addition to the series. I hope more like this come out! More girls, more plot and more variety!

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